Shaping the future of medical education

From the Chairman’s Desk

Good health is humanity’s best hope and defence. Healthcare should hence be a basic human right, leaving no one behind. As people of conscience, if we set out to achieve this goal of bringing everyone under the umbrella of quality care, we need resources - human talent being the most important among them. We need competent doctors, with not just knowledge and skills, but compassion as well. We need them to assume leadership roles during a crisis. We need some of them to dedicate the best years of their life to research, in pursuit of innovations in healing sciences. IMCH is our humble initiative to contribute such exceptional professionals with all-round excellence to the world of medicine.

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Our Academic Programs

There are various departments in the university providing specialised education to the students. Each department has experienced faculty who are ready to educate and inspire the students on their journey towards becoming competent doctors. Our focus is on building a solid foundation for the next generation of medical professionals. Our professors are also eminent doctors in their respective fields, who bring in a wealth of experience, which adds a lot of value to the education the students receive at IMCH.



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IMCH Campus

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Campus Life

Looking back, your favourite memories would be the ones you made in college. There is no dearth of activities to choose from, on our campus. You can quench your thirst for knowledge in our classrooms. If you feel like hitting the stacks for a bit of light reading to sharpen your mind, then our library is just the place for you. Step into our cafeteria for some delicious snacks and delightful conversations. The campus is abuzz with cultural activities, and students are encouraged to explore their artistic talents.