About Us

We are setting forth on a journey to create generations of doctors, surgeons and medical professionals who will be at the forefront, battling healthcare challenges and creating a healthier world.

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Our blueprint for the future is to emerge as a world-class institution, fully equipped with stellar learning amenities. With our top priority being the students, we seek to nurture their minds, instill strong values, and to enlighten them with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them become productive reformers in society.


Our mission is to make education easily accessible to all who are deserving. We strive to foster curious minds by designing a contemporary ambience where students will learn to tap into their inquisitive side, and help them reach their full potential. Our graduates will not only give them diagnoses, but will also treat patients with the utmost care and respect.


Quality Assurance

We focus on imparting high-quality education to each and every student. With that in mind, our college has a Quality Advisory Committee and an Internal Quality Assurance Cell, that will monitor and keep updating the curriculum.